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 For Every Generation there is a Genre (FEGG) Rules J
First off, if I have copied anyone you can tell me on my email,
In this Challenge, you have to name your kids after a character in the generation genre. Example: Romance Gen. Genre, “When the Slipper Fits”
(Random book my grandma had) You name the kids in that Gen after a character in such and such book. In the example’s case, Daniel or Ella. Get it?
 Generation 1: Childrens
“Children are great, that’s why I never stopped being one”
When you were a kid you decided that you NEVER wanted to grow up, NEVER. Well, so sad…you became a young adult. BUT! You still kept your mind childish so even though you didn’t look like a child (Well duh, your like WAY taller) you still act and feel like one.
Founder Must:
Have the Childish trait
Get married, no woohoo before marriage because “Woohooing with some random guy is GROSS!”
Have at least two kids of any gender.
Must if the founder is going to read, read children’s books because “I don’t understand these grownup books very much”
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Generation 2: Biography
“I always liked reading about people’s lives, not those silly children’s books that my mom/dad always read”
Everyone adored your mother’s/father’s childish ways, but you could only take so much make believe. Instead of simple words about really nothing, you went for the real life things, the BIOGRAPHIES!
Heir Must:
Have grumpy trait
Have a bad relationship with parents
Doesn’t have to get married, but needs at least one kid to carry on the line.
Only read Biographies
Be in business career

Generation 3: Fantasy
“I hated biographies, end of story.”
Your mom’s/dad’s biography only rule led you to sneak into the fantasy books to get a glimpse of the make believe world unknown to you. Sure they weren’t true or anything, but you got so tired of the dullness of those biographies day after day after day. Daydreaming and fantasy books were your only vent.
Heir Must:
Have absent-minded trait
Have bad relationship with mom/dad (Gen 2 heir/heiress) because he/she was always yelling at you for daydreaming and reading fantasy books.
Need to have more than one kid
Married to whoever, its not like you really mind WHO you marry. As long as he/she can put up with your day-dreaming.
Fantasy always interested me because I wanted to escape the reality of real life”

Gen. 4: Medical Journals
“I hate death.”
In your parent’s fantasy books the characters sometimes died. Always since you were small you had despised death and sickness. You instead wanted make people well so there would be less of a chance of them dying young.
Heir Must:
Be in the Medical Career
Have atleast 1 kid
Read only your medical journals that you get at work
All the traits necessary for the Medical Career (Genius is one, I think)

Generation 5: Comedy
“Medical stuff was just too…serious”
Although healing sick people was great and all, sometimes it just wasn’t humorous enough for your tastes. You wanted there to be some laughs involved.
Heir Must:
Have good sense of humor trait
Have as many kids as you want
Marriage is an option

Generation 6: Adventure
“Comedy was alright, but I always had a thirst for adventure!”
Your parent’s comedic lifestyle was ok, but you always wanted to see the world!
Heir Must:
Have adventurous trait
Have 3 kids, one from each country. If a guy, GO BACK AND GET THEM!
Marry someone from different country, it doesn’t have to be one of your children’s mother/father.
Need Photographer or Nectar Maker job

Don’t have World Adventure? Gen. 6 Option: Action
There wasn’t enough action in your parent’s lifestyle for you. Your motto has always been, “Actions speak louder than words,” or in your case, Comedy.
Heir Must:
Be Athletic and Brave
Kiss 3 different sims
Have 3 kids from three different sims
Be a single parent
Athletic Career or Army
Do something you have NEVER done on sims

Generation 7: Music Books (Livvirose Suggested)
“I have all the adventure I need in music” (WA version)
Yah sure, the adventures were cool, but the music your parent/parent’s brought back from the countries they visited were the best. Philip’s Kenspa, Oh Where is My Mummy, and all the other songs gave you a passion for music. Now it’s time to make your own music.
Heir must:
Master an instrument (Guitar if you dont have Late Night) (Like me!!)
If you have LN marry a vampire, celebrity, or your band member (LN Idea suddest my ALMeg)
If not marry someone in the music career
Join the Music Career
Have 1 kid (Your too busy touring)

Generation 8: Romance”The love songs were the best part of their music, blah the other stuff”
You always listened to your parent’s music, but it was the love songs that went straight to your heart. Lets just say they made you cry sometimes.
Heir Must:
Have hopeless romantic trait
If you have Ambitions be Dramatic
The other romantic traits are optional (Example: flirty)
Can have affairs, romantic flings, etc. if you want to
Have at least one child
Read only Romance books

Generation 9: Cooking (*Livvirose Suggested)
“So what if cooking isn’t that romantic?”
Romance was all my parents cared about. They always wanted to keep clean so they could “kiss with clean lips” or atleast that’s what they told me. We always ate out, so one day I tried to cook by myself…and I was hooked.
Heir must:
Natural Cook Trait
Have 1 Kid (Too busy dominating the cooking realm)
Marry someone in the cooking career so you can “Change the Cooking World Together”
Read only Cook Books
Dont spend alot of time with your only child, your’e too busy
Optional: Get to the Top of the Cooking Career

Generation 10: Mystery (Livvirose Suggeted)
“I don’t trust anything you say.”
Mom and Dad never payed attention to you, they were too busy cooking. They often said one thing and did the other. Thats why you grew up perceptive Finding all the answers is what your are determined to do.
Heir must:
Marry anyone they want
Have atleast 2 kids
Spend time with kids because you dont want them to have the same childhood you did.
Read only Mystery books
Have perceptive and genius traits

Dont have Ambitions? gen.10 Option
“I don’t trust anything you say.”
Mom and Dad never payed attention to you, they were too busy cooking, so you went on to solve mysterys for your neighbors and kick bad guy’s butts.
Heir must:
Marry anyone they want
Have atleast 2 kids
Spend time with kids because you dont want them to have the same childhood you did.
Read only Mystery books
Have genius traits

(Suggested by Livvirose)Gen 11: The Odd one of the Bunch

“Eh…exercise ain’t my thing, give me TV anyday.”

Your parents were always in your life. They usually wanted to go on “family outings”, but you preferred to stay home and watch TV. Always on the lazy side, you always tried to get out of exercising. Reading was the worst though, your family always read mystery books. They made your eyes hurt. Ironic since books are better for your eys than TV, but ehh…that was just your excuse.

Heir Must:

Not read books

Watch TV alot

Avoid Exercising and going outside

Marry someone with a nice TV

Have atleast 1 kid

Name your child after a character on a TV show (The only non-book gen.)

(Suggested by Livvirose) Generaton 12: All Genres

“I love reading so much, I just want to read EVERYTHING!”

Your parents werent really into reading, but you had somehow developed a passion for it. You have a vast knowledge of well, pretty much about everything almost. You were never understood by your parents, they always told you to “shut the book and watch the telly, you ungrateful thing”. Of course you defied them and read and read and read.

Heir Must:

Be a bookworm

Marry someone you met in the Library

Have a minimum of 2 kids

Write a book before you die

Read atleast 1 book of every genre

Name your kids after characters in ANY book genre

Generation 13: Recording
“Writing is my passion so I want to write down my family’s history”
You heard all about your ancestors from your parents/parent. You suppose you got your gift and passion for writing from your parents who had loved reading. Writing the story of your ancestors is your goal. You hope that your book will tell the tale of your amazing, but different family.

Heir Must:
Be in the journalist profession
Write a book about your family (You name the book something like the” Put your family’s name here” Family History)
Have a good relationship with parents because who else is going to tell you the stories?
Have at least one child

Generation 14: The Librarian (Suggested by HappyMintChocolate)
“Wow. My Family is so cool. I should, like, show my respects somehow.”

When your parent finally finished his/her book on your ancestors, they gave you a copy, which you happily read. After reading about the family history, you was amazed at your family’s lives and love of books that you wanted to find a way to show your respects to your crazy book loving ancestors.

Heir Must:
Buy a Library lot and name it after your family, so it can be some sort of memorial.
Have the Librarian Life Time Wish.
Have a good relationship with all family members.
If you decide to have any children they must be named after an ancestor

Sci Fi, Gen 15: (Suggested by Enterprise)
“My Parents were always about books.. I’m more about Science.”

Science and Fiction mix, blending logic and fantasy into one! You always felt kind of isolated because of the fact that you were so balanced as far as right brain and left brain dominance. People just couldn’t understand sometimes that you don’t have to be just one thing! You decided to open their eyes by writing books that mix science fiction with science fact.

Heir Must:

Be in the Science Career but with the Proffessional Author Wish.

Write only Sci Fi Novels.

Any Kids must be named after Sci Fi Characters.

Generation 16: Veterinarian (suggested by MajesticDragonfly)
“My mom/dad was obsessed with life beyond the stars or something like that. I think Earth holds enough life of its own.”

Heir Must:
– Love Animals (use a related trait)
– Own at least one of each type of pet you can purchase at the pet store or adopt from a computer (not necessarily all at one time)
– Befriend several wild animals (they don’t have to join the household or be caged)
– See a unicorn
– Write a Non-Fiction novel on the care of land-locked animals

Generation 17: Underwater Explorer (suggested by MajesticDragonfly)
“My mom/dad was obsessed with land-locked life. I think Earth holds more exotic wonders to explore.”

Heir Must:
– As a child and/or teen seek every opportunity to swim in lakes, rivers, or the ocean.
– As a child and/or teen learn the fishing skill and catch as many different fish as possible but always release them, your mom/dad would never approve of you removing them from their natural habitat or harming them in any way
– Relocate to Island Paradiso (or another land/ocean themed world)
– Be obsessed with the ocean
– Master the scuba diving skill
– Discover all 10 hidden islands
– Write at least one Non-Fiction book about the underwater world
– Become a mermaid

Generation 18: Life of Leisure (MajesticDragonfly)
“My mom/dad didn’t appreciate all life had to offer. Why work, why clean, why do anything I don’t want to!”

Heir Must
– Have the Lazy and Slob traits
– Own a resort and upgrade to offer amazing amenities
– Spend every penny available on upgrading your resort, staying at other resorts, or going on vacation to other cities/worlds
– Have very little self-control (pursues his wishes without thought of consequences)
– Have entitlement issues, life is all about you after all
– Never cook and never eat a quick meal
– Publish an autobiography (you can have another sim write it) all about you, who wouldn’t want to read about you; for that matter who would want to read anything else now that a book about you is available.
– Have one night stands, marriages of convenience, affairs, separations, divorces, etc. Leave all children with their other parent. They will only slow you down and stop you from living it up.
– Die of natural causes long before your time. You have lived it up but their were consequences (you contracted a disease, you are severely obsess, you are experiencing kidney failure, etc.) On your death bed, one and only one of your children come to visit you. You make this your heir.

Gen. 19: Anti-Hero (Inspired by Bossycarl)

“I don’t need to explain myself or my actions to anyone. ”

Your parents never spent enough time with you to teach you any of society’s morals (Not like they really had any anyway). So, it was up to you to find your own truth, even if some of your actions raised some eyebrows in your neighborhood.

Heir Must:
Have an equal amount of friends and enemies.                                                                                             Be a kleptomaniac or any other questionable trait
Marry whoever for what ever reason                                                                                                             Write a memoir
Be a “good” criminal or a “bad” cop.                                                                                                           Do something amazingly heroic or dastardly evil

Gen. 20 Comics (University Required) (inspired by Kitty_Cat)
“Comics are the highest form of literature, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

After reading your parent’s memoir, you were inspired to bring their adventures to life in a more dynamic way. Why not make them into a comic book hero?
Heir Must:
Get a degree at university
Become a level 5 nerd
Visit the comic store often
Marry a nerd
Have 1 child (named after a comic book charecter)
Read only comic books
Write at least one comic book

Is this the End? 😀

The FEGG challenge is always open for suggestions!

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